About Skunk Gear

Skunk Gear is a small company based around Jochem Jacobs, former guitarist with dutch band Textures. Next to his regular job as a music producer at Split Second Sound Studio’s, he is fully dedicated at making SKUNK GEAR.

"I did a lot of touring with my band and travelled around the world to the most differing areas and climates. Also, I’m a fanatical hiker and I prefer being outdoors. I just never found gear that survived nor suited my journeys, so I started designing and making it myself."

At the moment, Skunk Gear is more or less a “1-person factory”, where all elements of the production process are run in batches. This brings a very controlled workflow en enables room for making custom gear as well. Because the “designing” and “producing” parts are intertwined, there’s a lot of direct feedback, resulting in a much better product.

When making durable products, you think about the environment and sustainability.
In contemporary bags, plastics can’t be really left out. But if you are using plastic and thus oil, use it well and make something durable with it. You’ll end up using far less in the long run. Also, we try to re-use scraps as much as possible and most of our materials are Oekotex certified, which stands for being non-toxic and eco friendly.

Skunk Gear is being run in a perfectionistic way and we go on until we can’t do it better. That goes a long way… from designing and the choices of materials to manufacturing. That’s why all products come with a life-long-guarantee! We believe in our materials and what we do!