Customize your item to fit your needs by choosing colors and options. 

Select "CUSTOMIZE | choose from custom options" and all options will appear.

Most of our products can be customized like this, so if something is not clear, JUST ASK!

Here are some of the options explained:

Exterior Color

Choose the outside color of your bag. You can also combine colors, so for instance red sides and a camouflage front. If you want to have a combination of colors, please put that in the remarks section. We always send you a design picture before we start production. We use Cordura 1000D extensively for exterior fabric. If it's another type of fabric, it will say so.
Interior Color

This is the color of the “liner”, for instance the fabric used for the inside of the bag. We use waterproof 420D nylon “packcloth” as well as 500D Cordura. Both have their own “character”, packcloth is somewhat smoother than Cordura, but both are very durable.
Webbing Color

Webbing is used for shoulder-straps, molle, carry handles etc. Our webbing is mostly mil-spec and comes in a variety of colors.

All buckles, D-rings, ladder-locks and so on. They’re made of a very strong polymer called Acetal.
Zipper Color

The color of the zipper track and slider. You can pick the slider in a different color than the zipper track.
Zipper pulls

You’re probably already familiar with standard metal zipper pulls. However, with paracord you’ll have a better grip and you can choose distinct colors.
Our “hole puller” is the ultimate zipper pull. It has reflective cord for easy spotting in the dark and a rubberized urethane grip. They are used in most of our non-custom bags.
Thread Color
This stands for all stitching, except the bartacks (see below). You can choose a contrasting color or one that blends in more. Or even the same color as the fabric!
Bartack Color

This is a very strong connection made by sewing back and forward a couple of times. This technique is used to tack molle webbing, seen on the front of our EDGE backpack. The bartack color can be chosen separately from other thread colors.
Extra Compression Strap

Use these to be able to connect more stuff to your bag, like trekking poles, skateboards, water-bottles etc. Also, you have more compression options for your bag.
Frame Sheet

An internal frame sheet made of 2mm HDPE polymer. It adds firmness and will prevent anything from poking in your back.
Sternum Strap

This strap runs in front of your chest and adds a better weight distribution and more stability.  Most of our bags allow it to be adjustable in height.

Velcro / Hook & Loop

All names for the same thing. Hooktape is the rough side, Looptape is the smooth side.