Warranty & Returns


We believe in our products and trust our materials, that’s why our stuff comes with a life-long-guarantee. This means the life of the product, not that of the user! Eventually, even our products will wear out. We therefore use the terms warranty and guarantee with common sense, which means our warranty applies only when the product is used for the purpose intended, under normal conditions. It does not apply to damage caused by accidents, negligence, improper care, or normal wear and tear. Still our warranty is by far better than the warranty rules stated by law.

In case there’s something wrong or broken due to a fault in manufacturing or in the materials used, we’ll repair or replace the product without any costs. We ultimately make the decision to repair or replace. If we decide to replace the product, it will be a similar product or better. We cannot fully guarantee a 100% identical product.

If the damage is not our fault, like a cut by a pocket knife or you ran over your bag with your car and something cracked, it is not covered by our warranty. However, we love to repair it for you for a modest fee, if possible. Our main goal is to help you!

Examples of things that are not covered by our warranty:
-cuts, holes and tears due to wrong use
-damage to zipper tracks
-damage by airline companies or other transit damage
-damage by rodents or other animals
-damage by washing machines

-color changes, stains and scratches
-damage by fire or smoke
-damaged buckles or other hardware and flaked paint
-incidental or consequencial damage. Loss or damage of other goods, animals or humans, missed planes etc.

Before returning, please always contact us in advance. Always describe the problem clearly and send us pictures of the problem if possible. Always state your name, address, phone number and email address.

Products returned must be clean. We do not accept bad smells, weird substances or unhygienic situations. Please allow a couple of weeks for repairs.


Feel free to try our gear! We’re not happy when you’re not happy!

After receiving the product, you’ll have 14 days to change your mind. Contact us first prior to returning the goods. Let us know within the 14 days. You can use our return form for that. After that you must make sure the goods are returned to us withing 14 days. We’ll refund the paid amount. Return shipping is to be fully paid by the customer. 

The customer has full responsibility to return the goods in an unused, resalable condition, complete with invoice, packaging, labels and all accessories. We can only approve your request if the goods have no sign of use. In that case we can choose not to accept the return.

In case of a custom or customized product, you don’t have the right to return it. This makes sense, because it is tailor-made to specifications of the customer, so it's probably not easily resellable to somebody else. However, these kinds of products do come with full warranty.